Welcome y'all to the

Glad Ya could make it Naybor!

We's got the best of the best
fur this Yeer Partee!

This is a High Socyietee Shindig,
we wares nuthin but the sundee best.

Just Lookey Yonder at dem fresh Vittles,
can't find them in New Yorky.

HE HE! Looks like all the excitement dun got to Fred!

We gots games fur everyone, like sharp shootin' and

High Diving

stuff like timberjackin', high divin' and evin fist fightin'!

Evin gots sum of the goodest dancin there is.

The state photee-grafer evin came down to capture the events.

Glad Ya'll could make it, but not as glad as Fred is rite now!

Y'all come back now ya heer!